Cross Electric il

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Cross Electric Inc 

2929 Palm Ave, Suite 4A

Columbus, Ohio 22222



November 19, 2018


A. Frost, Product Quality Control Supervisor

Cross Electric Inc

2929 Palm Ave, Suite 4A

Columbus, OH 22222


Copy: J.J. Craft, M. Cross


Dear Mr. Frost, 


Thank you very much for the chance to assist Cross Electric.


These are the actions I’m taking to assist Cross Electric with customer satisfaction issues to protect brand integrity:


I have created a procedure to issue customer credits for mail orders.  


  1. Go to return support centre

  2. Click on return kit

  3. Select your return shipping method

  4. Self return. Click all return labels and print the return documentation. 

  5. If you don’t have a printer, hand write the label and include the original invoice 

  6. A refund will be issued when the returned package is received and processed. 


They can choose either a store credit with Cross Electric or a refund straight to their bank account or credit card. At the end customers will be prompted to use the full purchase refund to place an order for a replacement kit. 


Social media accounts have been taking customer complaints and guiding them to the credit page. Response has been positive with most wanting to know the shipping dates of replacement kits. 


And, a press release has also been released recalling the defective kits. It has been picked up and published in more than a half dozen major publications, with more expected. 


I will be overseeing all steps in the coming weeks until the matter is fully resolved. I will notify you of the outcome. 




R.P. Hale