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Sample, 04-07-2021


Cross Electric Inc

2929 Palm Ave, suite 4A

Columbus, Ohio 22222





Date:             Nov,19,2018


To:                 L.Sharpe, G. Green, A.P. Barnes


From:            R.P. Hale “RH”

                       Team Supervisor

                       Copywriting Dept.

                       Young and Oswald

                       Aberdeen Building, Office 482

                       Ext. 5783



Subject:         REF: Cross Electric Virtu-Fix Kits


It has recently been discovered through customer complaints that recent shipments of the popular  “Virtu-Fix” kits contain defective tabs. Cross Electric Inc wants to resolve this matter quickly, and get replacements into affected customer hands within 2-3 weeks. 


We will be implementing a procedure to issue credit for mail orders, and replacement kits will be available in retail hardware stores. I am requesting  the copy drafts to write a customer notification letter for release. Please forward them to me immediately. 


Cross Electric Inc will be replacing the supplier of the defective imports with an alternative supplier in Indonesia, and notify their customers about shipping dates for replacement kits. 


Thank you very much