Cross Electric Inc em

Sample, 04-07-2021

To: L.Sharpe, G. Greene, A.P. Barnes

Copy: J.J. Craft, M. Cross

Subject: Cross Electric Virtu-Fix Kits


For Immediate Release



Cross Electric Virtu-Fix Kits


It has come to Cross Electric Inc attention that their recent shipments of the line of Virtu-fix tool kits for both PC and Mac computers are defective. Cross Management takes customer satisfaction very seriously, and wants to resolve this situation quickly. 


They intend to: 


1) Take the necessary steps to replace the supplier of the defective imports. They have already found an alternative supplier in Indonesia. 

2) Notify their customers about a procedure for returning defective kits for credit. 

3) Notify their retail customers about shipping dates for replacement tabs (2-3 Weeks) 


A procedure is being put into place where customers will be issued credits for returned defective kits. They can choose a store credit with Cross Electric Inc or a refund straight to their bank account or credit card. 

Cross Management will be reaching out to give affected customers information in the coming days, and extend apologies. Someone will be chosen to answer customer questions and concerns through Cross Electrics social media channels by the end of today. 



R.P Hale