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Sample, 04-07-2021

Create Quotations & Proposals That Get You Hired


Gone are the days of being the one and only go-to graphic designer on the block. 


The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment of graphic designers will grow 3 percent in the next decade. That’s a slower growth than some occupations, but you will still face stiff competition for every project. 


90% of the design work you’ll ever go after will require a quotation or proposal. It doesn’t matter is these are new clients or repeat clients. 


That’s why it’s essential to learn to create a proposal that will make you the stronger candidate. 


In our upcoming tele class on October 21st, we show you the latest best practices to create a winning proposal every time. 


Being persuasive doesn’t have to be an either-or decision. In fact, when it’s done correctly you are the prospect’s most logical choice.  


Even if you only change a couple of key elements in your template, you will increase your success  rate by at least 20%. 


What Are The 5 Keys of Success? 


Over the years, in my graphic design business, I’ve had to bid on hundreds of proposals. I lost work at a staggering rate until I figured out what I was doing wrong.  


I created and used the 5 Keys to Success to improve my own “win rate” by as much as 25%.  


And, now I want to share them with you. 


They are easy to learn and include; in fact, I bet that you already know at least one of these keys already.  


During the tele class, I’ll give you all 5 Keys to Success and explain how they’re best applied in your bids and proposals. 


The secret is that they all work together. If you don’t have all 5  you won’t see any real results.   


As a special thank you for attending, you’ll also receive: 


  • A recording of the tele class to listen to again and again at your leisure.  

  • An example of a winning proposal that you are free to use as a template 


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