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Sample, 04-07-2021

Subject line 1: [Free Webinar] 7 Simple Ways to Make Contact Management Easy  

Subject line 2:[Free Webinar] Contact Management Simplified for Realtors   

Subject line 3:[Free Webinar] A New Game Changer for Realtors  


Do you struggle to keep track of your clients, and appointments? 


Are you missing out on sales because your current system is letting some of your leads fall through?  


Then, it’s time for you to learn how to manage your contacts, calendar, communications, and sales opportunities the easy way!  


Being a realtor in today’s marketplace is challenging. You have to work harder to keep your pipeline full while also having to stay informed of the technological advances in the industry. 


On top of that there are companies out there who are trying to eliminate the need for your services altogether.  


We provide real contact management strategies that help realtors get significant better results. Step by step we will explain the latest and best practices in how to:  


  • Stay in touch with your past clients, so you can get more referrals and repeat business from this group 

  • Connect and follow-up with hot prospects, and other leads 

  • Effectively manage your tasks around contact management, such as appointments and to-do lists.

  • Set up autoresponders to generate even more leads and sales without needing to make any additional calls 



If you apply just even one or two of these strategies, we guarantee you will see a difference!   


Sign up now for the FREE 45-minute webinar ‘7 Simple Ways to Make Contact Management Easy’ and get a step ahead of your competition!   


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