Baby Bullet Food Making System

Sample, 04-07-2021

Mona is a single working mom, and her budget is tight. Her daughte Sarah is 8 months old, and is just beginning to eat solid food. Mona’s goal is to be able to feed Sarah good nutritious food at an affordable price 


Bottled foods can be costly and many are not as healthy as Mona would like to provide. She wants to feed Sarah fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure she’s getting all of  it’s nutrition. 


She’s thought that maybe she’d like to make baby food herself but she has no idea how to do it or how to store it safely. 


Fortunately, there is an easy solution for Mona; it’s the Baby Bullet Food Making System.


This system comes with 20 pieces, including a blender, and a complete storage set. It  has everything Mona will need to make delicious, nutritious meals for Sarah, saving her both time, and money. 


Now, Mona can make an entire week's worth of healthy meals in less than 5 minutes, and store it in batches with the system's batch tools and handy dated storage system. It even includes a 96 page book of recipes and storage guidelines. 


No more costly bottled food….No more worrying about nutrition ...No more wasted time


Providing good nutritious food to your child is every mother’s goal. Fresh is always better than bottled, and now it’s a snap to make it yourself Go to and order yours now!